7 Organic Pest Control Method That Work

Many people abandon organic pest control method before even starting. This is because for people who grew up in the 50s and 60s, it is difficult to give up the idea that chemicals can create a better life. Not everyone trusts that organic pest control method can be positive enough for all crops and conditions. When pests eat up your entire source of income, there is understandably skepticism. Organic pest control method gardening is more of a situation where you mix and match a lot of different possible solutions to see which one works. Synthetic pesticides can be dangerous to humans and the environment, but they are safer when it comes to killing pests. With planning, organic gardening can be very successful.

But it’s not so good when an unexpected pest suddenly arrives and eats a cash crop by storm. Given the importance of maintaining the environment and people’s health, it should be the pest control method of choice. And as more and more farmers and gardeners turn to organic gardening, there will be more proven solutions for all kinds of pests and diseases.

Let’s look at several organic pest control method that work:

Keep it clean with mulch

Not only can plant debris cause disease and serve as a home for insect pests, but certain mulches, such as newspaper, can get wet and do the same. Stick with bark slabs made from wood chips or straw to keep the soil clean.

Stick with certified seeds

Certified seeds always have more resistance to diseases and pests than non-certified seeds. With organic pest control method gardening, you certainly won’t take a chance on seeds that aren’t certified.

Useful insects

Importing insects to assistance kill other pest control method is one of the fresh trends in organic pest control method gardening. Now there are companies that do nothing more than raise insects to sell to gardeners and farmers. Many of these can be purchased online.

Tomatoes and carrots:

Some plants can give off an odor or attract certain insects to protect other plants. That is the objective of the complementary plantation. Carrots can help tomatoes, as can bluebells, petunias, and geraniums. Beets can benefit from mint, catnip, and basil.

Organic household sprays:

The use of common household products for the production of insecticides is one of the ways in which insects are eliminated through organic pest control method gardening methods. A spray finished of dish washing liquid and water can be sprayed on several types of plants to deter pests. You can also add oil to the mixture or even hot spices or peppers. Spray the leaves on the plants and keep pests away from them. There are many organic pest control method and all are easier on the environment than a synthetic pesticide. If you want to be successful in organic gardening and protect plants, animals, and human life, you must create a management plan designed to eliminate pests in several natural ways.

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